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America's Housing Contradiction: Why Technology Can't Tame the Trillion-Dollar Housing Industry (220pp) View Abstract & Table of Contents (PDF) (0.2mb)

500 Years of Prefabrication: A Research Guide & Annotated Bibliography for the Factory-Built House (300pp) View Table of Contents (PDF) (0.2mb)

Both books are currently in progress (but nearing completion). We hope to begin the publication process for America's Housing Contradiction in 2013. If you would like to be notified when the book becomes available, you may do submit an email address for us to contact you at on the Contact page.

For background information about the books, refer to the "Written Work" section on the Personal Bio page.


What Makes Great Outdoor Public Spaces? | Lessons from 50 of the World's Greatest Spaces

Volume 1: Italy (34pp) Download (PDF) (5.4mb)

Volume 2: Paris (26pp) Download (PDF) (4.3mb)

Volume 3: London (28pp) Download (PDF) (4.7mb)

Volume 4: Berlin (26pp) Download (PDF) (8.5mb)

In 2006, Lukas conducted research across six countries known for their exceptional public spaces in an effort to better understand what makes a "great" outdoor public space and how to design them. The journals are an executive summary of his findings and were created to pass on basic principles and ideas to other designers.

Each volume includes approximately 30 pages of panoramic photographs and analytical sketches en plein air, with brief commentary. All photos and sketches are the property of Lukas Petrash, and are not to be used without permission.

Note: The image resolution of the downloadable files has been significantly reduced (to 100 dpi) to discourage copyright infringement and copying of images. If you would like higher resolution copies, you may request them by submitting a form on the Contact page.

Academic Papers

"What is Preventing the Practical Development of Shipping Containers as Mobile Dwelling Units in the U.S.?" (14pp) Download (PDF) (0.3mb)

"American Planning in the Context of Sustainable Planning Paradigms: Does America Deserve the Blame?" (11pp) Download (PDF) (0.2mb)

"An Analysis of Strategies for Inducing Use of Public Transportation" (5pp) Download (PDF) (0.2mb)

"Lessons from Lustron: An analysis of the greatest attempt to solve America's housing problem through factory mass-production" (16pp) Download (PDF) (0.3mb)

"Questioning the Architectural Canon in Light of Contemporary Needs: Native American Architecture as an Example of Richness in Simplicity" (24pp) Download (PDF) (0.5mb)

"How it Works: An Illustrated Structural Analysis of the Golden Gate Bridge" (10pp) Download (PDF) (0.8mb)


These papers were written during the course of Lukas's university education, and represent some of his explorations and discoveries which he feels might be of interest or benefit to others. For copyright reasons, many of the original images contained in the papers have been removed. If you would like an original copy with images, you may submit a request on the Contact page.